Chinese Family Day


Today wasn’t like any of the others, we got the great privilege to spend the day with a Chinese family. We got to see what their daily life is like, it was fun. The young girl is 13 or 14, her name english name is, Rose. Her and her family are super nice. Roses friends were there, Jenny and Tina, they were really nice, and very shy…but so was I, we were all very shy and nervous, except Dad and Roses parents.

They gave us the chance to make dumplings, they were really good, and we weren’t that bad at making them for a first time.

We were taken to a museum about Beijing history, it was interesting. After the visit they were kind enough to take us to a restaurant, Pizza Hut! Personally I liked the pizza a bit more than the pizza I’ve tasted in Canada.

After our delicious dinner we went to our hotel, we took a few pictures with them, as you see at the bottom of the page.

Today was much calmer than every other day we’ve had so far, and that’s a really good thing.

Well we have to get up super early tomorrow to catch our flight, good night!!!


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Great Wall 2015

Hi, Today felt like a long day. To start off we wen to the Great Wall of China, I enjoyed it, even though it was 35 degrees, and the whole thing was stairs.

After we went to eat our lunch at a restaurant, the best part was the fact that there was a Jade store underneath the restaurant! Obviously everyone rushed to eat and then went and shopped. Everything there was so well made and so beautiful, I wished I could buy the whole store!

I got a Jade pendant, it’s a feather that’s dark green, I love it so much, I also got a pair of decor chop sticks. My dad got a dragon, it is super detailed and beautiful, I personally think it was one of the best items there. I would say what else we bought but the rest is for my mom and sister, and I know they’re going to see this so I can’t say anything about it, except for the fact it’s something made of Jade.

When we finished up there, we went to the Summer Palace, it was a little march but not that bad. We even got to go on the Dragon boat. We saw and learned many new things. When we went to dinner, everything was super delicious!

When we were done, we went to Beijing Olympic Park, I’ve already been there when I was six, and that’s one of the only places I remember going to when we adopted my sister. So in other words I found it really boring to be there, happily it was only 30 minutes, and that went by pretty fast, so it wasn’t that bad I guess.

On the way back to the hotel, I slept in the bus the whole time. I think a lot of us did. We were all very tired from our day trip, we walked/hiked a lot today, it was pretty exhausting.

I’m happy to be back into my hotel room relaxing/falling asleep. Good night!


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Theatre Day!

Hello, Tianna here once again!

Today was a day where we inside most of the time, which was really enjoyable! We watched a lot of Chinese people doing Chinese performances, they were beautiful and entertaining, and in some there were funny parts!

We started out our day by going to a place where we learned Chinese culture by watching performances, and we did some arts and crafts, Dad and I made one mask each. There were many performances, they were all very impressive! The first one we saw, it was some older people doing different stuff, my favourite part of that dance was seeing a couple of the women falling into the splits as if it was nothing…and they were older, it was amazing. We got to see a guy karate chop a hard solid rock…obviously there was a trick, my dad saw it but I didn’t.

Next we went and ate at a restaurant for lunch, there were different foods, in one of the platters there were chicken parts…even the head was there, you could tell where the eyes were before they removed them, I was super grossed out. One of the adopted girls at our table decided to try one, she said it was mushy and disgusting, I don’t think anyone else tried it but her.

After we ate, we went to a Chinese art school, we did a few activities that, and others for their faces painted as if they had a mask on. After we switched to another room and watched Chinese dances, they were beautiful, there was also a couple of miming plays. When we left we went to the restaurant to eat dinner, all of us were tired by then, we were told we looked like we were about to fall asleep. The food was delicious, but when it came to desert we saw what looked like a cheese cake but ended up being mashed potatoes with blueberry sauce on top, which was very disappointing.

To end our day we went and watched an acrobatic show, it was beautiful. One of them was men doing flips through hoops, some of the hoops were really high. Another interesting one was, 12 girls on 1 bicycle doing tricks…I was so amazed. There was also a young girl, probably around my age, having little ornaments on her hands, feet, and mouth, and she went from lying on her back to lying on her stomach and back onto her back again, without dropping any of the ornaments, I was super impressed! The one that put everyone at the the end of their chair was the last one, 8 guys on motorcycles, inside a ball, going around and around and around, we all thought they were going to crash into each other since they were crossing each other, I think it amazed every single person in that audience!

Well that’s all for today, good night!

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Hot, long day!

Hi, Tianna again,

Today was so hot, comparing to Canadian weather and Chinese weather, I don’t see why we complain so much. In the photo below we were at Tiananmen square, but the place behind me was in the Forbidden City, which is where we had gone after Tiananmen square.

To start off our day we went and ate at a giant buffet, where everything was delicious. After, at 9:00am, we had a Opening Ceremony for all the families having adopting Chinese children. There were families from all over, there was Canada, Netherlands, United States of America, Australia, and Spain! During the first part of the ceremony we had a speech from a director that welcomed us many times, he told us how much they loved having us kids back in our “home”, as he called it. Then there were more speechs from the representatives of each country that was present at the ceremony. After all those speechs we had a ten minute break, Dad and I went to our room and got a few things. When the time ran out we had to go back and hear another speech, this time it was about Chinas history, it lasted 55 minutes…I felt like falling asleep, surprisingly there were a few interesting facts…the rest of that time I spent it doodling on paper!

When that was FINALLY over we went ate our lunch. After we filled our stomaches, we set out for the busses and went to Tiananmen square and Forbidden City, we ended up walking for 4 hours non stop. It was long but a very pretty view of everything, on top of that we learned a bunch of interesting facts about the history of Forbidden City, it was worth it.

We went to eat at the famous Roasting Pekin Duck, which so happens to be one of the most famous restaurants in all of China, because former President of US, Mr. Nickson and Mr. Clinton went there when they were touring China!

To end our day we went to a walking street market, Where the first China Apple store was, my Dad and I went and visited the place, it was very big and very cool. We ended up seeing interesting food on sticks…I’m not even sure what some of it was…  I was very glad to have a cotton candy after my long day.

But now it’s time to go to bed, since tomorrow we must get up no later than 6:00am to start our new day.

Good night.


Hello China!

Hi, Tianna here!

So as you know my dad and I are in China right now, visiting the place and eventually going to see my province! Even though we got here only a few hours ago, I’m already having a great time.

On Monday we left for Montreal, to stay at the Best Western right beside the airport, for that we could be at the airport at the time recommended the next morning, which was 5:00am Tuesday morning. On Tuesday morning I was woken up at 4:30am…and i seriously didn’t want to get up, but I knew I had to if I didn’t want to miss my flight. Anyways, we get at the airport around 5:15am, we go through everything we had to, checking our luggage, and checking our passports. Then it was time to say good bye to Mom and Shaylin. That took us about 5 minutes, then Dad and I showed the security gardes our boarding passes and went through a gate, even after we were passed that gate Dad and I were still waving at Mom and Shaylin. After that Dad and I sat down, obviously Dad started taking pictures, especially because we had quite a few hours on our hands. Finally when it came time to bored we didn’t see anyone at the boarding gate, so we decided, we’d wait, minute after minute another girl and I started questioning why people still hadn’t come to the boarding gate. It came up to where there were five minutes left, we decided we better board, so we went to the gate, gate 47, then we were told they changed the boarding gate, gate 1!!! We were all in panic mode, we started to run like crazy, I had no idea where I was supposed to go, anyway we made it to gate 1, and the lady tells us they were closing the gate, we rushed and they told us to calm down, but in reality, they were panicking more than us that the time. Happily we made it in the air plane on our way to Toronto!

When we landed in Toronto we waited at the airport for more than 5 hours, I skyped my friend, although internet wasn’t good…but we talked for a bit! This time we made sure they we were boarding at gate 74, we made it on time and landed safely…it was such a long ride though, 13 hours in the air!

Now we are in our hotel room getting ready for bed…zzzzzzzzzz

Good Night