Pearl River


This morning Dad woke up and he Skipped my mom and sister. I wasn’t quite awake until, they kept calling me, to get up. When I finally got out of bed, we chatted for a bit, then Dad and I went to get breakfast. We had another buffet.

When we were finished, we came up up to our room and relaxed. We had nothing planned for the morning and neither did our guide. When it was lunch we met some people we knew, we ate lunch together, we ate at Pizza Hut.

After lunch we said good bye to them. We went up stairs to our room, it was already 2:30pm or so. Dad went down to the markets, I stayed inside and played on my iPad.

When we got back, we had to get ready because our guide had planned for us to go see a Temple , but we changed up the plans, we decided we didn’t want to go to the temple, instead we went to a sort of outside museum.

I got a few little things. 1) A neckless with a turtle carved from a camel bone, 2) A Jadeite dolphin. I really like them! I also got a fan with my Chinese name painted on it, Yang Guo Xi, except it was spelled in Chinese characters!

When we were on our way out, it started to pour rain like crazy, we had to borrow umbrellas from the staff members, I’m not quite sure if they got them back…

After we went on a boat cruise, on Pearl river, it was so beautiful out, there were so many lights. It lasted 1 hour and a half!

We were supposed to go to a restaurant, but I was too tired, we ordered room service instead, the food was really good!

That’s all for today.

Good night!


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