Guangzhou today



This morning we woke up, skyped my mom and sister, and went down stairs to eat breakfast. When we went back up to our room, we made sure we had everything that belonged to us because we were going to Guangzhou, 3 hours away from Yangjiang.


We stopped for a 10 minute break, I got a Chinese lemonade, it was good.

We continued our journey and we finally arrived at our hotel. It’s called Holliday Inn. The last picture at the bottom was taken when we were 5 minutes away from our hotel, the third picture is what we see out of our room window. It’s right in the middle of a street walk, which is a street with markets everywhere. It’s more than 1km long, and you can’t drive down that road. After we arrived we went to eat lunch at McDonalds.

After we went shopping, I got gifts for many people, for myself I got a pair of Converse, a t-shirt with a dog wearing sunglasses on it. When we eventually got back to our hotel, we went and ate dinner, we looked at a few places and then decided we were going to eat at the buffet in the hotel, it was delicious!

When we finished dinner went for a walk outside, we went to a sports store, I got a pair of sweat pants, and my dad got a t-shirt.

When we were a few feet away from the hotel door I saw a stray dog, as we got closer he/she started walking away, he/she went over a speed bump and then couldn’t stand or walk on his/her right hind leg. I felt so bad, he/she tried to run away but he/she had trouble, a don’t know what happened after that.

When we went inside, we went to the roof, we took some pictures, and I put my feet in the pool. The 2 first pictures were taken on the roof, the first picture is tonight and the second picture is me with my feet in the pool earlier today. We came back to our room and now we’re relaxing.

Good night!


china_15-31china_15-29 china_15-28 china_15-27

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