A visit to my roots


Today was a special day for me, I got to see my orphanage that I lived in for the fist 11 months of my life, 10 years ago. I met the same lady that took care of me in the orphanage and handed me to my parents. We had lunch together and took some pictures.

The first picture at the bottom of the page, is my parents, the lady, and me 10 years ago. I was 11 months in that photo. The second photo is the one we took today, my dad, the lady, and me.

So to start off the day we drove to the orphanage, we went inside and talked, then we visited the kids. My dad and I had brought maple candies for the children. The lady said something in Chinese and all the kids came running to the gate. They held out their hands begging for a candy. They were cute.

We were informed that over 5,000 kids have been adopted from that orphanage over the passed 18 years. Sadly the kids that are still there all need special needs.

We went into the back yard and it had been exactly the same since my parents were there in 2004, 10 years ago. I recognized the back yard from the photos my dad took in 2004.

After we were done there we went to a park…we didn’t stay long.

After we went to a store, for me to have a souvenir of my birth place. The first thing that came to mind was a nice little boutique with a bunch of nice little things. But not in Yangjiang, more than half the store was filled with knives, since Yangjiang is known for knives. But I did get something special for me, it’s a boat in a bottle. I really like it. My dad got my sister a little sort of doll, he got a ceramic knife, a pocket knife and a new pairs of scissors for our kitchen, since we already had broken two of them.

When we finished there we went for lunch. After lunch, we said good bye the the lady, we went back to our hotel.

I didn’t do anything during the after noon, except play on my iPad! I was tired and it was too hot outside to do anything!

We just came back from dinner a few minutes ago, we ate a late supper.

Well, that’s all for today! Good night!



2 thoughts on “A visit to my roots

  1. It is quite special that you got to meet that same lady who took care of you as a baby…also very nice that you could treat the kids at the orphanage.


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