Néih Hóu or Hello from Canton


Today we just traveled all day. We took the plane from Beijing to Guangzhou, at 8:05am and landed around 10:00am. We met our guide for Guangzhou and Yangjiang, his name is Philip. Then we to drove to my city, Yangjiang, we took a mini bus, the ride lasted exactly 2 hours and 50 minutes.

When we arrived at the hotel we were guided to our room, 4023. When we entered the cleaning lady hadn’t quite finished her job, she started to rush, but we told her to take her time, we hadn’t been in any rush. When she finished making the room ready, she welcomed us in, and she left.

We started to unpack, then we skipped my mom and sister. Shaylin had just woken up, she looked very sleepy. We said good bye and went for dinner. We sat next to the window, where we saw palm trees outside. The food was good, we were debating if we should order desert, we ended up deciding we were to full. We went up to our room and I ate a maple candy.

For the last few days that we’re in China we aren’t going to be doing much, we will be at our own pace, which won’t be very busy.

Well, I think it’s time for me to start heading to bed, it is early but I slept half way here, and I think that’s a sigh that I’m tired!

Good night


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4 thoughts on “Néih Hóu or Hello from Canton

  1. Wow, le paysage est tellement beau et l’hôtel aussi !!! Hope you will have a great time tomorrow !

  2. Am glad you guys look like you are doing fine and having fun. Thanks for the pictures Bernard. enjoy your time there…take care

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