Shanghai The Bund



Today we went from Guangzhou to Shanghai. The flight was 1hour and 15 minutes, that’s what we were told, but then there was a delay, more than 1 hour and a half!!!!!!! So our flight that was supposed to leave at 8:25am, left at around 10:00am.

When we finally landed we got our luggage, and met our guide for the time we’re here, her english name is Alice. She’s very nice. We didn’t spend much time together though. She brought us to our hotel around 1:30pm and left.

Our room wasn’t quite ready…for 40 minutes, so we went to eat, by the time we found the McDonalds, that was hidden because of construction, it was around 2. We had to ask many people. We asked one of the lobby guys where it was, we thought we understood, but we didn’t. Then Dad told me to go ask the lady that worked at a dress store, her and her friend tried to guide me, again, I thought I understood…but I didn’t. When we were giving up, Dad spotted the “M” sigh of McDonalds, that’s when we discovered it was hidden by many tarps.

When we finally finished eating, we went back to our hotel, this time our room was really. I got into a bit of an argument with one of the staff members, because I was taking the trolley with our stuff on it, but one of the guys thought I was stealing it. He started talking to me in Chinese, of course I didn’t understand, so I pointed at the luggage and then pointed at me, meaning “this is mine”. He didn’t understand me, he started talking to his college, and he said it did belong to me, but it’s like he didn’t believe us. When my dad finished talking to the women at the reception, and she told him it belonged to us. He left us alone after.

During the evening, we went to the Bund, the famous Shanghai Bund. I felt awkward because almost every single Chinese person there stared at me as if I was from a different planet. Some just stared others scanned me up and down…I felt odd. Dad even got his picture taken with a Chinese man, he asked me to take a picture of them together, he looked so happy to get a picture with my Dad. There were many beautiful lights later in the evening, as you see in the pictures below.

For dinner we went to Subway! It was really good! After, I was getting really tired so dad decided we were going to go home after taking a few pictures!

To get home we had to take a taxi, but we had no idea how we were supposed to call them over. We went to the nearest hotel and asked them to help us, we got back safe and sound.

Tonight is the last blog for this trip. Maybe we’ll come back for Shaylin, my little sister, one day, but then she’ll be typing and not me…anyways, last blog for this trip. Hope you’ve enjoyed hearing about our trip, I certainly enjoyed the trip, but I’m really excited to come home tomorrow, my real home.

Good bye.


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Pearl River


This morning Dad woke up and he Skipped my mom and sister. I wasn’t quite awake until, they kept calling me, to get up. When I finally got out of bed, we chatted for a bit, then Dad and I went to get breakfast. We had another buffet.

When we were finished, we came up up to our room and relaxed. We had nothing planned for the morning and neither did our guide. When it was lunch we met some people we knew, we ate lunch together, we ate at Pizza Hut.

After lunch we said good bye to them. We went up stairs to our room, it was already 2:30pm or so. Dad went down to the markets, I stayed inside and played on my iPad.

When we got back, we had to get ready because our guide had planned for us to go see a Temple , but we changed up the plans, we decided we didn’t want to go to the temple, instead we went to a sort of outside museum.

I got a few little things. 1) A neckless with a turtle carved from a camel bone, 2) A Jadeite dolphin. I really like them! I also got a fan with my Chinese name painted on it, Yang Guo Xi, except it was spelled in Chinese characters!

When we were on our way out, it started to pour rain like crazy, we had to borrow umbrellas from the staff members, I’m not quite sure if they got them back…

After we went on a boat cruise, on Pearl river, it was so beautiful out, there were so many lights. It lasted 1 hour and a half!

We were supposed to go to a restaurant, but I was too tired, we ordered room service instead, the food was really good!

That’s all for today.

Good night!


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Guangzhou today



This morning we woke up, skyped my mom and sister, and went down stairs to eat breakfast. When we went back up to our room, we made sure we had everything that belonged to us because we were going to Guangzhou, 3 hours away from Yangjiang.


We stopped for a 10 minute break, I got a Chinese lemonade, it was good.

We continued our journey and we finally arrived at our hotel. It’s called Holliday Inn. The last picture at the bottom was taken when we were 5 minutes away from our hotel, the third picture is what we see out of our room window. It’s right in the middle of a street walk, which is a street with markets everywhere. It’s more than 1km long, and you can’t drive down that road. After we arrived we went to eat lunch at McDonalds.

After we went shopping, I got gifts for many people, for myself I got a pair of Converse, a t-shirt with a dog wearing sunglasses on it. When we eventually got back to our hotel, we went and ate dinner, we looked at a few places and then decided we were going to eat at the buffet in the hotel, it was delicious!

When we finished dinner went for a walk outside, we went to a sports store, I got a pair of sweat pants, and my dad got a t-shirt.

When we were a few feet away from the hotel door I saw a stray dog, as we got closer he/she started walking away, he/she went over a speed bump and then couldn’t stand or walk on his/her right hind leg. I felt so bad, he/she tried to run away but he/she had trouble, a don’t know what happened after that.

When we went inside, we went to the roof, we took some pictures, and I put my feet in the pool. The 2 first pictures were taken on the roof, the first picture is tonight and the second picture is me with my feet in the pool earlier today. We came back to our room and now we’re relaxing.

Good night!


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Hello China!

Hi, Tianna here!

So as you know my dad and I are in China right now, visiting the place and eventually going to see my province! Even though we got here only a few hours ago, I’m already having a great time.

On Monday we left for Montreal, to stay at the Best Western right beside the airport, for that we could be at the airport at the time recommended the next morning, which was 5:00am Tuesday morning. On Tuesday morning I was woken up at 4:30am…and i seriously didn’t want to get up, but I knew I had to if I didn’t want to miss my flight. Anyways, we get at the airport around 5:15am, we go through everything we had to, checking our luggage, and checking our passports. Then it was time to say good bye to Mom and Shaylin. That took us about 5 minutes, then Dad and I showed the security gardes our boarding passes and went through a gate, even after we were passed that gate Dad and I were still waving at Mom and Shaylin. After that Dad and I sat down, obviously Dad started taking pictures, especially because we had quite a few hours on our hands. Finally when it came time to bored we didn’t see anyone at the boarding gate, so we decided, we’d wait, minute after minute another girl and I started questioning why people still hadn’t come to the boarding gate. It came up to where there were five minutes left, we decided we better board, so we went to the gate, gate 47, then we were told they changed the boarding gate, gate 1!!! We were all in panic mode, we started to run like crazy, I had no idea where I was supposed to go, anyway we made it to gate 1, and the lady tells us they were closing the gate, we rushed and they told us to calm down, but in reality, they were panicking more than us that the time. Happily we made it in the air plane on our way to Toronto!

When we landed in Toronto we waited at the airport for more than 5 hours, I skyped my friend, although internet wasn’t good…but we talked for a bit! This time we made sure they we were boarding at gate 74, we made it on time and landed safely…it was such a long ride though, 13 hours in the air!

Now we are in our hotel room getting ready for bed…zzzzzzzzzz

Good Night



We’re Back!!!

Nous partons mardi matin de Montréal pour Toronto et de Toronto pour Pékin. Tianna et moi seulement, maman reste à la maison avec Shaylin.